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Wine Reference and Guide

What wine should I make?
            What is the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir?

To help with these and other questions, we have put together this wine reference list for all the wines that we offer at Hammersmith. 

If you have any questions or are looking for suggestions on wines to make, call or email us.

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 Our Wine & Food Guide! 




Alicante A big, full-bodied wine from the Southeast of Spain. It is often used to increase the intensity of color and body in other grape varieties.
Amarone Noblest of the red wines, with a rich ruby color and a healthy fragrance of raisins and spicy cherries. Dry and full-bodied.
Australian Chardonnay Gold in the glass, this delicious wine has lush overtones of vanilla, butterscotch and cloves - all ending in a crisp finish. Improves with age!
Australian Shiraz A unique offering of richly concentrated flavors, deep dark  red in color. A lush fruity bouquet with a hint of cassis for the nose. Ageing creates an elegant, velvety wine suitable for the most elaborate occasion!
Barbera Recognized for its intensity of color and good structure of tannin and acid, it presents nuances of gooseberries and a smoky, peppery bouquet.
Barolo Deep in color, this full-bodied wine has a plumy flavor and a fragrant bouquet with oak undertones. Ages well.
Baroque (Red) A light, ruby red color with fruity aromas and candy flavors, this fresh, lively wine is heady, smooth and refreshing.. 
Baroque (White) A smooth, delicate, fruity bouquet and a soft, light flavor with fresh lemony aromas and honey overtones.. 
Bianco Di Sicilia A white wine styled after the southern Italian wines. Generous alcohol and full bodied, this wine has citrus notes coupled with hints of ripe pears; best enjoyed within the first two years.
Bianco Di Trapani A rich full-bodied white made in the Sicilian tradition. High alcohol is its trademark, with a deep golden color. The nose unveils a wonderful harmony of ripe pears and bananas.
Bianco Meridionale This hearty white wine is straw yellow to amber in color; harmony of ripe fruit with citrus notes accentuated by its soft, almost velvety, tannins.
Bergannais Crisp and refreshing, a succulent, medium dark wine tasting of cherries and jammy fruits. 
Blanc de Blancs Pale liquid gold, it has well-defined aromas of apple jelly, butter and caramel. A simple, light wine.
Blanc des Chateaux Clear bright yellow with delicate apple aromas and a good alcohol level, it is well balanced, with a touch of mint and citrus fruit.
Bourg Royal (Red) Ruby red with blush reflections and light aromas of cherries and earthiness. A good all-around red with excellent aromas and taste. 
Bourg Royal (White) A medium-bodied wine with a crisp, clean finish and a pleasing delicate bouquet. Light and fresh with a sweet, delicious apple flavor and ripe fruit.
Burgundy Ruby red with blush reflection in color that has a light aroma of cherry and earthliness.
Cab d'Avola A blend of cabernet Sauvignon and Nero d'Avola (from Sicily), it is a superb combination of two Italian grown red grape varieties. The wine is full of life and has intense flavors and bouquet.
Caberlot A well known blend of rich classic dry Cabernet Sauvignon and fruity Merlot. It produces a wine that is warm, full bodied and deeply flavored with a berry bouquet and full oaky characteristics.
Cabernet Franc This buoyant red is light and tasty with a pronounced varietal character. A light and grassy cassis fruit, green pepper, black currant, strawberry and chocolate.

Cabernet Sauvignon

An aggressive, rich-colored wine, medium to full-bodied. Cherry-currant overtones and noticeable tannin produce a bold flavor. A hint of violet makes for a fragrant bouquet.

Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot Blend

A medium-bodied red, easy to drink, that can be slightly chilled. Savory fruit aromas combine orange blossoms and blueberries with hints of cedar and pepper notes.

Cabernet Shiraz Big, bold and dark -  a treat! A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon's structural intensity that perfectly compliments the ripe fruit and chocolate flavors of Shiraz. The blend that made Australia famous!
Carignane Originating from Spain, with its high tannins and alcohol and deep purple color produces a spicy and fruity wine.
Carmenere The flagship varietal of Chile. This wine has a bouquet of fruit jam and wild berries. Its soft tannins allow for the wine to be consumed young (2 to 6 months) but ageing will bring out its full potential.

Castel del Papa

A bright ruby red with a fine nose of underbrush a d red fruit jam. Light and vivacious, it has a hint of cherries on the palate


Bright Yellow with green reflections. Has simple aromas, especially highlighted lemon and lime. The taste has a wonderful feeling of freshness and clean taste.


Light-colored with a full flavored, this wine is smooth, clean and well balanced. Can be enjoyed fresh since long ageing is not required.

Chardasia This blend of Chardonnay and Malvasia has an intense fruit filled bouquet and flavor of the Malvasia paired with the buttery, vanilla and apple character of the Chardonnay.
Chardillon This blend of Chardonnay and Semillon is unique. It is straw to pale gold in colour and is fragrant, smooth and dry. The result is a delicious, buttery-textured wine with hints of honey and oak.


Pale Yellow with straw colored reflections, it has abundant aromas with reminiscent freshness of anisette and freshly cut grass. Taste has round and full mouth features.

Chenin Blanc

Fruity and mellow with a distinctive floral after-taste, it finishes crisp and clean. Flavorful in its youth, however, ageing releases flavors of apple and honey.

Chianti Deep in color, this rich, velvety wine is full-flavored with a fruity aroma. A clean, spicy flavor with a subtle black pepper flavor and cherry-like overtones. It can be enjoyed both young and aged!
Franc Sauvignon Dark, rich and full bodied, only begin to describe this wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. A bouquet of blackcurrant and black cherry with a spicy undertone. A very generous wine with solid tannins and rich mellow oak.
French Columbard Native of the Chartentes area of France, California has adapted this varietal for growing in a hot climate. With spicy and floral tones and a good acidity, it makes a lively, dry white wine. Blend with Chenin Blanc with some residual sugar, an excellent jug of wine can be made!
Gamay Dark red with pink reflections and aromas of cherries and earthiness, it is a fresh, generous and powerful wine.
Gewürztraminer A perfect summer companion - introduced by a unique aroma of cloves, lychee fruit and roses. A natural acidity gives it a soft, spicy flavor
Greesling The fruity attributes of both the Grecanio and Riesling grape varieties marry almost perfectly in the incredibly pleasing wine. Fruits such as pineapple, banana, papaya and hints of peach and apricots are apparent. A true must for those who enjoy fruity wines!
Grenache Often used in blends with darker reds, the Grenache is a light, well structured wine with low tannins.
Grigionnay This blend of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay combines the dryness and crisp acidity of Pinot Grigio with the buttery, nutty and vanilla tones of Chardonnay. 

Johannesburg Riesling

Pale and delicately flavored with slight tartness. Clean taste with flinty lime flavor with spicy bouquet. 


A fresh, well-rounded, dry wine with a distinctive ruby red color, slightly sparkling with a deep violet aroma. Best when young.


Light and elegant, this popular German-style wine has a delicate bouquet. Its fruity flavor is soft in the mouth.

Luna di Miele

A smooth luscious wine, it is almost liquorous. This wine has a bouquet of honey and apple blossoms. Smooth attack, full on the palate with a lingering finish.


This South American favorite, offers a deep garnet robe. The flavors are of intense, ripe, red fruits with a hint of cinnamon. The well-balanced oak only enhances the wines characteristics.


A Ruby Red with a subtle nose, a floral touch and a hint of gooseberry. The taste is pleasant and soft with a remarkable staying power.

Mission This varietal gives a rosé-style wine, with a good alcohol level and medium body.
Montepulciano A fresh grapy bouquet greets the nose with scents of leather and violets. The dry velvety flavor results in a rich, full taste.
Moscato Moscato's unique smell and taste are easily recognized. It is distinct because of its concentration of aromas of musk and peach and apricot. Can also be made as a desert wine!
Moselle A pale yellow wine that is supple and fruity. Usually consumed early.
Nebbiolo From the Piedmont Region in northeastern Italy, with its deep color and higher acidity, tannin and dry extract, this improves with aging. The acidity and tannins are ever present and really comes into its own with food. 
Nero D'Avola One of Sicily's best red grapes, it id now gaining wide popularity for its typical aromas of strawberry, blueberry and slight spice notes.
Novello Ruby red, with blackberry and herbal aromas, it has a good attack and tannin structure with a pleasant touch of fruit.
Palomino This is the grape that is used in Spain to make the famous Sherries. As a table wine, Palomino does not have very distinctive qualities, but when used to make produce Sherry, the result can be very special!
Petite Syrah One of the world's most fill-bodied wines! Rich in flavor, extremely dark in color, it boasts a savory tarry plum flavor. Ages well!


A fragrant fruity aroma  fills the nose while savoring a spicy, full-bodied flavor with a touch of acidity. 

Pinomer This blend of Pinot Noir and Merlot combines these two relatively soft, delicate reds and results in a wine that those who prefer less tannic reds will adore.

Pinot Alto Adige

A Bold yellow with gold highlights, it has a full bouquet of floral aromas and the added complexity of lemon and spice tones.

Pinot Bianco

The Italian Pinot Blanc is medium-bodied with a light fruitiness and crisp acidity. A refreshing and playful wine that dances on the palate.

Pinot Chardonnay

Pale yellow with golden reflections, this wine has a wealth of aromas that give the impression of freshness aniseed and newly cut grass.

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

A succulent introduction - the gentle scent of honey and herbs. This dry, straw-colored wine is light, yet pleasingly tart with softening hints of green melon. The finish is clean and crisp. 

Pinot Noir

A rich, dark red wine, surprisingly smooth, Very fruity with spicy undertones and a full bouquet reminiscent of black currant. Gentle oaking adds complexity. Ages delightfully!

Riesling A light to medium-bodied wine with a fruity flavor and subtle, flowery aroma. Smooth in texture and mellow in taste.
Rio Grande Rojo A Mosti Mondiale proprietary blend, this wine has a deep ruby robe. Heavy, rich and ‘Big’ in every way. Heavy toasted oak used in its design, release the earth, burnt chocolate and vanilla tones, spicy with pronounced black cherry, plum and black current undertones.
Ruby Cabernet A cross between Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon, this must can be used to increase the color intensity in blends or can be used to produce a light table wine.
Sanbrusco This blend of Sangiovese and Lambrusco produces an even bigger red. Beautiful garnet red in colour, it has a delicate nose of red berry jam with a hint of fresh bread.
Sangiovese A rich, dry wine, showing burgundy red in the glass. Its aroma whispers of cherry and raspberry, spiced with vanilla and cinnamon, as well as, leather, plums and bay leaves. The finish is clean and pleasant, yet slightly sweet.

Sauvignon Blanc

A light, fruity aroma introduces this delightfully dry wine. Fragrant herbal flavors with a spicy tingle of mint.

Shiraz An incredible concentrated blend of blackberry fruit, spice and chocolate, all within a firm structure that keeps it together beautifully. A stunning, mouth-filling, dark and delicious treat!
Shiraz Merlot Subtle aroma of leather and black peppers match well with the rich black berry flavors. Intense jam and spice with the softening of Merlot produces a wine with a complex structure yet easy drinking.
Soave A dry white wine with a soft, pleasant nose. A versatile wine with delicate aromas of hazelnuts and almonds. Light, crisp and clean, it is often consumed as an aperitif.
Soave Mondiale This blend produces Italy's most popular dry white wine. It is a versatile wine that is silky smooth with a soft, pleasant nose with delicate aromas of hazelnuts and almonds. Light, crisp and clean, it should be drunk chilled while still young.
Tocai del Venito Pale yellow with golden reflections, it has blended undertones of citrus and fresh bread and is slightly herbaceous. After a bold attack, the wine evolves gradually in the mouth, leaving a fresh nuance of green apples.
Thompson Mix A sultana varietal that has a relatively neutral profile without any redeeming features, which makes it especially useful as a blending must.
Tocal With heightened green fruit aromas and medium acidity, it is often produced as a soft wine to allow the qualities to come through and produce a rich and creamy wine with a lingering finish.
Trebbiano A bright yellow wine with straw-coloured reflections, it has a fruity character with good acidity. It produces a pleasant, fresh and exuberant wine with a good alcohol level that can be served with many dishes.
Valpolicella Intense ruby red color, with apple and cherry aromas. A round, full-bodied wine that has a good balance of alcohol and tannins.
Verdicchio Full-bodied and complex with herbal aromas in the bouquet and flavors of lemon and peach. The finish is crisp and clean. Best enjoyed fresh.
Vioginier A distinct dry, wine with a rich and complex aroma. The aroma of apricot, honey and spice abound. A surprisingly dry smooth finish. Light golden in colour ,this wine drinks well young.

A bright Ruby Red with purple highlight, a delicate nose with ripe raspberry tones. A perfect balance is struck in the mouth, well structured.

Zinfandel Blush Fruity and refreshing with just a hint of rose, offering a refreshing taste of berry overtones like candied raspberries. A medium-bodied, easy drinking wine that is best served chilled.
Zinfandel Primitivo A flavorful, full-bodied deep red wine with savory spice, port and earth notes. Subtly oaked, it can be enjoyed either young or aged 6 months.

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