Hammersmith Homebrew Supplies, Latham, NY

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Other Beverages

Hammersmith Homebrew now has something for beverage lovers of all ages - soda for the young (and young at heart) and liqueur extracts for those who enjoy an after dinner drink.



Soda - Something for the entire family to do together, make a batch of homemade soda!
Item # Item Price Item # Item Price
4500 Root Beer  $  8.95 4503 Cream Soda  $  8.95
4501 Birch Beer  $  8.95 4504 Cola  $  8.95
4502 Sarsaparilla  $  8.95 4505 Ginger Soda  $  8.95


Liqueur Extracts - From Noirot, extracts that lets you make premium quality liqueurs that rival the expensive premium brands for far less cost. Be sure to checkout our Liqueur Encyclopedia to learn about each extract.
Item # Item Price Item # Item Price
4000 Amaretto  $ 5.50 4010 Irish Glen $  5.50
4001 Apricot Brandy  $ 5.50 4011 Irish Cream  $ 5.50
4002 Blackberry Brandy  $ 5.50 4012 Lorbuie  $ 5.50
4003 Brandy Essence  $ 5.50 4013 Moka  $ 5.50
4004 Cafe Sport  $ 5.50 4014 Orange Brandy  $ 5.50
4005 Cherry Brandy  $ 5.50 4015 Peach Brandy  $ 5.50
4006 Chocolate Mint  $ 5.50 4016 Peppermint Schnapps  $ 5.50
4007 Green Mint  $ 5.50 4017 Peach Schnapps  $ 5.50
4008 Genepy  $ 5.50 4018 Sambuca  $ 5.50
4009 Hazelnut Noisette  $ 5.50 4019 Triple Sec  $ 5.50

Liqueur Descriptions

Liqueur Extract


Amaretto Amber in color with a rich, nutty, almond, vanilla aroma.
Apricot Brandy Fruits from Provence and the Rhone Valley are used for this nutty, apricot flavor.
Blackberry Brandy Ruby colored, with the rich flavor of sun ripened blackberries from the French countryside.
Brandy Essence
Cafe Sport Very popular and similar to Tia Maria. A rich coffee liqueur with a chocolate background.
Cherry Brandy A brandy liqueur with the characteristic of sun ripened wild cherries.
Chocolate Brandy Similar to Vandermint, a Dutch favorite. Delicious on its own, or poured over vanilla ice cream for dessert!
Green Mint
Genepy A golden liqueur similar to Galliano, an Italian favorite. Its complex flavors hint of vanilla, licorice, spices and herbs.
Hazelnut/Noisette Very similar to Frangelico, a popular, golden, hazelnut flavored liqueur from Italy. Fresh roasted hazelnuts and subtle spices are used to create this superior liqueur.
Irish Glen This refined liqueur, similar to Irish Mist, is a blend of Irish whiskey, aromatic honey, with herb and spice overtones.
Irish Cream The pride of Ireland! This flavorful liqueur has detectable notes of chocolate and Irish Whiskey.
Lorbuie Similar to Scotland's famed Drambuie, a delightful blend of Scotch Whiskey, spicy aromas and hints of orange. The ultimate after dinner drink!


A smooth coffee liqueur similar to Kahlua. Dry roasted coffee bean aroma and intense flavor.

Orange Brandy

Similar to Grand Marnier, this brandy has a more floral and delicate flavor.

Peach Brandy

Peach Schnapps

Peppermint Schnapps


Clear and refreshing with a distinct licorice/anise flavor.

Triple Sec

This clear liqueur has a distinct orange flavor and perfume aroma, similar to Cointreau.