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Fresh Juice Kits

Fall 2015 Harvest Season is here!

100% Fresh Harvest Juice from California and Italy!

Hammersmith Homebrew is proud to offer Fresco, (Fresh Juice) from Mosti Mondiale, the supplier of Premium Fresh Juice and Must from the finest vineyards of California and Italy! 

What is fresh harvest juice?

Fresh juice is pure juice from freshly crushed grapes from the vineyards of California and Italy. The juice is shipped refrigerated to guarantee peak freshness.

What's so special about fresh juice kits?

The juices are harvested and shipped refrigerated from the vineyards of California and Italy during late summer and early autumn. Because juices are fresh and in a natural state, they are much more preferable to using chemically altered concentrates and kits for winemaking. And what you gain in freshness, you don't lose in ease. The procedure for making wine from juice is pretty straight forward, and similar to making wine from a kit or concentrates. There's no special equipment needed!

Are there any extra steps needed for using fresh juice kits?

Because juices are shipped refrigerated, it is recommended that you start making your wine within a day or two from the time you pick up your kit. After two days, the juice starts to ferment itself. If kept refrigerated, the juice will last up to two months. 

Instructions for making wine form Fresh Harvest Juice (PDF format)

How do I order fresh juice kits?

Contact us by Saturday, September 26th with your order. The delivery date is Friday, October 3rd. Orders will be available for pick up starting at 12:00 noon Friday October 9th and Saturday October 10th. Sorry, NO DELIVERIES and orders must be picked up by Sunday, October 11th. We will have extended store hours for these days. Because fresh harvest juices have to be specially ordered, and to make your pick up more convenient, full payment must be made at the time of ordering.

To Order:

Call us 786-1853

Visit our store - Click for store hours!

 TIP** It's a good idea to have a couple of selections in mind just in case your first selection is unavailable - remember it is a limited harvest!!

What types of fresh juice kits are available?

All kits contain 6 gallons of fresh juice. We have Reds, Whites and Rosés. To learn about each wine's flavor and characteristics, click on any wine to go to our Wine Encyclopedia. 

California Reds 

Alicante ($76.00) - Full bodied; Excellent for blending with other reds

Barbera ($86.00) - Robust red; nuances of gooseberries and smokey, pepper bouquet

Bourg Royal ($83.00) - Light garnet red, big flavors

Cabernet Franc ($106.00) - Lighter & more fruity than Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon ($96.00) - Full bodied, high tannin

Petite Syrah ($104.00) - Full bodied, deep red, good aging

Pinot Noir ($91.00) - Ruby red, fruity when young, very complex when aged

Ruby Red/Cabernet ($81.00) - Deep red, excellent for blending

Shiraz ($110.00)  - full red, high tannin and good aging

Zinfandel ($96.00) - Full red, robust, good aging

California Whites

Blanc des Chateaux ($84.00) - Light wine, refreshing and clean

Chardonnay ($105.00) - Good acidity, produces fresh wine with good aging

Chenin Blanc ($84.00) - Pleasant, crisp, slightly acidic

Gewürztraminer ($91.00) - Strong, intense, elegant finish

Riesling ($95.00) - Excellent dry and semi-sweet

Sauvignon Blanc ($95.00) - Aromatic, crisp and acidic, use young

Vinho Verde ($107.00) - great properties, fresh, lemony or straw colour

Italian Reds (Imported)

Amarone ($110.00)  - 14-15% alcohol, deep, rich, dark and full

Barolo ($110.00) - Full, deep, high acidity and tannin *

Castel Del Papa ($110.00) - Full body, rich and dark

Chianti ($110.00) - Full ruby red, softening with aging

Lambrusco ($105.00) - Red berry flavor, strong freshness, serve young and chilled

Merlot ($105.00) - Medium red, lower tannin, use young

Montepulciano ($109.00) - Full bodied, dark rich deep red

Nebbiolo ($105.00) - Full, deep, high acidity and tannin

Nero D'Avola ($105.00) - Sicilian full red, good aging *

Sangiovese ($109.00) - Full ruby red, softening with aging

Valpolicella ($110.00) - Dry, medium body, rich texture

* Oak processing recommended for Barolo and Nero D'Avola


Italian Whites (Imported)

Malvasia ($105.00) - Perfectly balanced for a extraordinary dessert wine

Moscato ($91.00) - Unique aroma and taste, good dessert wine

Pinot Grigio ($105.00) - Assertive acidity, soft and delicate texture

Soave ($99.00) - Dry, light, crisp and clean

Tocai ($109.00) - Similar to Pinot Grigio, medium acid, rich finish

Trebbiano ($106


Grenache ($81.00) - Light, well structured with low tannins

Zinfandel Blush ($96.00) - Light wine, low tannin, consumable young

If you need any wine making equipment or any accessories, click here to go to our Wine Ingredients and Supplies page.

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